I agree but even more so for Chris Farley. I am more gutted over it as time passes actually. I think because I read his bio and know how sincere he was, how much everyone loved him, how hard he worked for the laugh, how funny everyone else thought he was (the funniest), and finally, how much of a failure he thought… » 2/16/15 5:40am 2/16/15 5:40am

Truly. This Missy tribute video has been making the rounds and since watching it I have found myself, like, dancing in front of the open fridge as the songs run through my head, remembering just how fucking awesome Missy was/is. These really are bangers even now. » 2/14/15 7:55am 2/14/15 7:55am

I really wish you did too. :( I'm sorry you are going through this. Of all the things that have helped me to feel better when depressed, the book The Mindful Way Through Depression helped most. I hope you find something that really helps you. » 2/14/15 7:22am 2/14/15 7:22am